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Our weekly meal program has increased from providing 

200 meals to almost 800 meals and rising

Many thanks to our community, local businesses, and organizations that are making donations, sponsoring promotions, hosting fundraisers, and our many volunteers. With their support, since the Stay-At-Home restrictions, we have been helping feed...


A Need We Feed is dedicated to delivering nutritious meals to those in need including children, families, veterans, and seniors from our community made possible through partnerships with local restaurants. With the support of local businesses, charitable organizations, volunteers, and donations we provide to those who have difficulty providing for themselves. 

Breaking News

A Need We Feed received a Ford F150 pickup truck from Causeway Family of Dealerships through their “Causewheels” program. We will be using the truck to pick up our weekly meals and large donations of goods. 

This donation was made possible by Meals on Wheels and Causeway.

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We are so excited to announce that we were one of 27 organizations in NJ to have received a grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.  This grant will enable us to provide over 1100 meals a week from now until the end of July.  Not only have we been able to expand our weekly meal program; we have been able to offer meals to our non-profit partners. Meals are being provided to our community’s veterans, children, families, seniors and homeless. 

All of the meals being purchased are from local small business restaurants that have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. 

In the past year, A Need We Feed met an unprecedented demand providing over 27,000 delicious meals to veterans, children, families, seniors, and homeless in need as well first responders. All meals were prepared and purchased from local restaurants in our community. The need continues and so does our work. Please consider volunteering, making a donation, attending or sponsoring an upcoming event.

"Delivering  more than a  hot meal"

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