Giving Back Holiday Cheer to Families in New Jersey

We have two families that come to mind from this distribution – one mother of 4 received our 5 individual meals and was so excited that they will be able to eat for a week. What we would consider one meal per person was being shared by 5 and they were only able to eat once a day. Our service not only helps those in need but it is also very enlightening and humbling for those who volunteer their time. To see what we take for granted, it makes us take a step back and realize that some things are not so bad.

When parents are stretching financial resources to put the bare minimum of food on the table, they can’t afford luxuries like toys and gifts for their children. The donation helped address this. One of the families that received the dolls was so excited because they did not expect gifts this year, the little girl couldn’t help but smile. These stories are what help me stay motivated and focused on our mission. Thank you Good360 for providing Hope to children and families during the holiday season.